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Jane was born in Saskatchewan, and raised in Ottawa.

Her musical interest was apparent at a very early age and nurtured by her parents. Piano lessons began at the age of 6 years, and she performed locally in Ottawa, studying with Dina Namer in her teenage years.


Jane completed a Bachelor's Degree in Music from Ottawa and Carleton, where she studied with International renowned pianists/professors – Andrew Tunis and Christina Petrowska. Jane attained her ARCT (Associateship with the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto). Jane accomplished up to RCM Grade 9 Voice .


Jane has taught piano for 30 years in the Kanata/Ottawa area and is a Registered ORMTA teacher. She is a member of the CFMTA, Provincial ORMTA, Ottawa ORMTA and other local associations.


Over 90% of Jane’s students achieve 80+% in piano exams,
and over 99% of Jane’s students achieve 90+% in theory exams

Over the last 20 years, Jane has had yearly Student Award Winners in Ottawa.

100% of Jane’s students who audition yearly for the First Class Honours Concert are chosen to perform.

Students who attain First Class Honours (over 80%) are eligible to audition for this prestigious yearly
recital within the ORMTA.

100% of Jane's auditioning students perform yearly!

A number of students have continued their musical studies into university and have taught overseas,
or are teaching privately.

Many of Jane's previous students have excelled in fields
of their choice, and have successfully completed or are
pursuing their degrees (Bachelor's, Masters, PhD).

For more information on University Studies click here.


The benefits of music are profound for people of all ages. Not only is music a versatile talent and skill, but a means of self-expression and stress relief.

Music elevates performance abilities and sharpens concentration. It is multi-faceted in nature and harnesses creativity and skills that last a lifetime.

All benefits and studies listed come directly from
The Benefits of Music Education: An Overview of Neuroscience Research by the Royal Conservatory.

Elementary school students in music education programs improved 20% in standardized tests of English and math.

Students who participated in nine hours of music involvement a week were four times more likely than their peers to win recognition for their academic achievement.

Individuals who are musically trained show better working memory abilities than those who are not. Working memory allows us to remember things and is crucial to mental arithmetic and reading comprehension.

Scientists found a marked difference in communication between the right and left sides of the brain, which foster creativity, in individuals with musical training than in those without.

Young children taking music lessons showed dramatic improvement in their verbal intelligence after only four weeks of music training.

  • Contributes to Cognitive Development
  • Greater Academic Achievement
  • Higher IQ
  • Improves Math and Reading Abilities
  • Refines Time Management, Responsibility
  • Increased Memory and Attention Capacity


    Jane taught me for over 10 years.

    She has not only taught me how to play piano but a true and long lasting love for creating music. Music continues to have a positive impact on my life!

    Emily Beaton, Masters, Toronto

    Not only was Jane a patient, kind teacher, she was a friend.

    With her, I came to appreciate music. She kindly supported my own foray into piano teaching. Highly Recommend!

    Amanda Carpenter, Lawyer

    I will forever be thankful to Jane.

    She not only taught me how to play piano, but how to improve at it myself. She really established piano as a permanent part of my life that I plan to carry indefinitely.

    David Bellamy, PhD, Harvard

    Jane is a thoughtful, patient and fun piano teacher!

    She's excellent with students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. Her rates were reasonable and her hours were flexible!

    Sam Tacit, University of Waterloo

    Jane played a key role in teaching me the basics of music theory.

    With enthusiastic guidance, theory was something I would look forward to every week. Her passion for music showed me that the arts were as valid a professional pursuit as any!

    See my work for a McGill advanced composition course.

    Chris Maskell, MMus, McGill

    Jane taught my son Quinn to play piano. I'm a music teacher too, so I'm very picky about choosing the right kind of teacher for my child.

    He loved her and so did we.

    Cathy Hallessey, U-Rock School of Music Owner & Teacher

    Jane really cares about each student and makes learning fun.

    From a young age, she helped me develop my musicianship, allowing me to attain first class honours in RCM examinations and perform in ORMTA recitals. She inspired me to study music at Canterbury High School and then University of Toronto. Now I am also a music teacher!

    Stephanie Tacit, Teacher

    I love Jane's teaching style. She encourages my children to do their best and teaches them to enjoy music as well as learn the technical aspects of piano playing.

    She adapts her style for each student and really gets to know what each student needs for success. Jane is an excellent piano teacher!

    Allison Kiesewalter

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