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New students are welcome! All lessons are customized to each student to deliver new concepts in the easiest and most efficient, fun manner for each student.

Jane teaches both conservatory and non-conservatory methods. She prepares those wishing to take exams in piano, singing and written exams (theory, harmony and history). Lessons are recommended once a week to ensure continued progress.

Jane prepares her students for her bi-annual student recitals. Jane also prepares students for the prestigious Ottawa First Class Honours Recitals and many local concerts and festivals.

Class Lengths Musical Styles
  • • 30 minutes
  • • 45 minutes
  • • 60 minutes +

  • • Classical
  • • Pop + Rock
  • • Jazz
  • • Sacred


New students are welcome at anytime!

Online lessons are offered for piano, singing and all theory courses! Group theory lessons are also available.

Online lessons are as effective as studio lessons!

Students have the same instruction as in a studio class and with multiple angles of the piano, keyboard and Jane, the student can view exactly what would be demonstrated in class. Jane’s refined skill of verbal direction is very successful and all students excel at the same rate as a studio lesson.

Families are converting to online lessons for the same quality of lesson and the convenience. There is no travel time, travel expense or waiting time. The lesson takes place in the comfort of your own home.

• Internet connection
• Video device (laptop, phone, tablet etc.)
• Video app (typically Zoom, but others can be requested!)

Younger students (4 – 6 years) are required to have an adult attending the lesson to help with marking and tracking the music.

Many parents enjoy this process because they learn alongside their child while assisting with practice during the week. It is a very positive experience.

Older students enjoy the use of the technology and excel as quickly as they would in the studio.

With both Jane and the student in front of a keyboard, it allows for easy demonstrations and quick learning with clear instruction.

Singing students are sent accompaniment recordings for practice with their lessons. Online lessons are interactive through demonstration. Singing students enjoy the convenience and excel well.


Classes are scheduled weekly and
rescheduling of lessons is only permitted by Jane.
Unfortunately, missed lessons will not be rescheduled.

Please contact Jane for tuition fees!

Postdated monthly cheques/etransfers are the preferred method
of payment, and are due prior to the start of lessons.
Termination of lessons require at least one month's notice.


I still remember the first time I walked into the exam room.

The cold AC, sweaty palms, and the kind receptionist at the front of the room. It wasn’t easy to shake off the nerves, but once I sat down in front of the keys and it’s as if I was back home, sitting in the practise room as the familiar dim lighting shone across the keys. From there it was all natural instinct. It is an experience I will never forget. Piano has no doubt changed my life for the better.

Jane Yao

Having gone through multiple piano exams, the experiences have taught me a plethora of skills.

It taught me to be patient, and that improving will only come with hard work and persistence. On the day of the exam, hard work and determination for music trumps my initial feelings of anxiety. When things get tough or difficult in life, I now approach such challenges with optimism.

Richard Xu

My experience with piano exams have been nerve-wracking yet influential.

They’ve taught me that you have to focus on the present to make sure the notes are played correctly instead of dwelling on any past errors. Such a lesson is not only important in piano, but in every aspect of life, and I am grateful that participating in piano exams have given me such a learning opportunity.

Dhruv Rawat

Piano exams are an undeniably difficult part of the musical journey.

I remember walking into the exam room, hands shaking, watching the photo of the examiner as that of a Disney villain. Unlike my imagination, the examiner was kind and friendly. The experience taught me so much. I learnt that despite the fear or the extreme expectations you set for yourself, that in the end anything is possible, it just comes down to perspective.

Bonnie Chin

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