Ms. Arrowsmith taught me for over ten years, and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from such an amazing teacher. She taught me not only how to read music and play piano, but also a love and appreciation for creating music. I was challenged to test my skills in concerts and with music exams, and with Ms. Arrowsmith's guidance I gained self-confidence through these activities. Music continues to have a positive impact on my life, and I have my piano lessons with this caring and generous teacher to thank for that.

(Emily Beaton, Master’s student at University of Toronto)

When I began studying music in elementary school, Jane played a key role in helping me learn my music theory basics. Through her enthusiastic guidance, she turned a potentially dry subject into something I would look forward to every week. Also, in hindsight, her passion for music showed me at a young age that the arts were as valid a professional pursuit as any!

I wrote earlier this year for a McGill advanced composition course.

(Chris Maskell, Master’s student at McGill, Montreal, Leader of Chris Maskell Trio and Chris Maskell Quartet)

I was a piano student with Ms. Arrowsmith for several years. Not only was she a patient, kind teacher, she was a friend. She left me with a deep knowledge of how to play piano and an introduction to the great composers. With her, I came to fully appreciate classical music such as the music of Chopin. She also kindly supported my own foray into piano teaching. Her rates were reasonable & her hours were flexible.

(Amanda Carpenter, Lawyer, Toronto)

Jane taught my son Quinn to play piano. I'm a music teacher too, so I'm very picky about choosing the right kind of teacher for my child. He loved her and so did we.

(Cathy Hallessey, U-Rock School of Music, Owner, Teacher)

I took lessons with Jane for over 6 years and not only did they teach me how to play the piano, they showed me how to improve at the piano myself. I was only able to take lessons until I began university. but because of my lessons with her, I've managed to not only maintain my level but even improve over the past 5 years using the same framework that she taught in her lessons. She really established the piano as a permanent part of my life and identity that I plan to carry indefinitely. I am so grateful to have the playing and creation of music integrated into my life the way it is – I will be forever thankfull to Jane.

(David Bellamy, PhD student, Harvard)

Jane is a knowledgeable and compassionate teacher. She really cares about each student and makes learning fun. I started playing piano with Jane when I was very young. he helped me develop my musicianship so that I was able to attend first class honours standing in RCM examinations and perform in ORMTA recitals. She inspired me to study music at Canterbury High School and then University of Toronto. Now I am also a music teacher!

(Stephanie Tacit, Music Teacher, Toronto)

Jane is a thoughtful, patient, and fun piano teacher! She is excellent with students of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels, and her passion for music makes it very rewarding to learn from her and with her. I took piano lessons, with Jane when I was very young, and that love of music has carried me through the years. Her lessons are a wonderful learning experience that I highly recommend!

(Sam Tacit, University of Waterloo)

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